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Our team is highly specialized in moving Pianos within Auckland and around New Zealand at very competitive rates. Our customers are satisfied describing Bens Piano Proficient, on time, reliable, friendly and value for money. We have extensive experience in Moving Pianos.

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Piano Movers North Shore
Bens Carier-piano movers in north shore

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Four testimonials in the video are presented by:

  • Rod Hancox, PIANO TRADERS
  • Warren Sly, SLY’s PIANO

Safe Piano Movers in North Shore

SAFETY is the most important thing while moving a Piano, Pool Table, Spa and all other heavy items for Bens Piano Movers in North Shore. High standard safety wraps and gears to ensure no damage is done to the item, property and our men. Bens Piano movers move your piano safely and securely. With an average move of 200 piano’s every month, However, Bens and his team have the exact knowledge and experience.

Bens Piano Movers customers describe Piano Moves as excellent, on time, reliable, friendly and value for money. Bens Piano Movers Auckland are rated one of the best Piano moving company in Auckland, in other words, Bens and his team are proficient, reliable on time every time.

We move heavy item mover team is covered by the Carriage Act of 2013, which covers every item that they handle by approx $2000. Hence peace of mind is guaranteed. Apart from the generic cover, Bens and his team are highly skilled to avoid all types of damages. Therefore there is no damage to the unit or your place or to the team. Bens Carriers knows exactly how to deliver safely and securely. Bens and his team provide peace of mind with all aspects of the move fully insured, and we guarantee that your piano will be safely cared for at all times by our fully trained staff who are skilled in the specialist art of moving pianos.

Our team are working with us for a decade. Everyone is like a family and well-knit. However, we guarantee to give you a smooth and hassle-free experience. Rely on our experience and expertise. Contact Ben and his team now.

Rely on Bens Piano movers Auckland for all your big and small moving jobs

A Man moving a piano in Auckland